How To Fix Hail Damage To Your Vehicle

The cost to fix hail damage can be costly. Not only can you potentially lose money by replacing your roof, but you may also end up having to hire a contractor to come in and repair your windshield or have some sort of repair done to your vehicle. Fortunately, it is not impossible to fix the damage yourself. There are some simple things you can do on your own to help repair your vehicle quickly and inexpensively. Here are some of those tips:


If you see small holes in your windshield that were created by hail damage, they should heal in a few days. Before you try to fill any holes with resin, you will want to make sure there is no permanent damage to the glass. Small holes in your windshield that need filling can become larger if you leave them untouched for too long. After you determine the extent of the damage, remove the piece of glass that has small holes. You can either use sandpaper or a pry bar to remove this part of the windshield.


If you are attempting to fix hail damage repairs on your own, you should take out any instruments that might be needed to determine where the mail originated from. For instance, if you see small hail particles that seem to originate from your neighbor’s window, take a picture of the location to get an exact estimate of repair costs. Once you have determined the origin of the damage, you can find DIY products to make repairs to your car. Some DIY products include sandpaper, paint, sealant, and polyurethane.


To fix hail damage repairs on your own, you will need to purchase body filler. You can purchase body filler kits at auto supply stores or body shops. This is a great product to have because it is cheap, easy to use, and you can easily learn how to apply it without injury. After purchasing body filler for your vehicle, you should empty all of the small holes that were created by the hail and body filler. Then, you should paint the small holes using latex paint. The next step is to fill in any hollow areas that were created from the hail by using a body filler kit.


One of the final steps to fixing hail damage is to sand the repaired area to remove any extra water that was not trapped inside the glass. To repair the glass on your windshield, you should open up the windshield and use an adhesive body filler kit and small sandpaper to sand down the glass. After sanding, you should reposition the glass so that it is properly in line with the rest of the damaged area. You should also make sure to repair any small holes that were created to prevent the windshield from fully repairing itself.


If you have hailstone damage to your car, you must act quickly before your insurance provider puts in a claim. If you wait, you will risk having your damages increased or your claims denied. Many people are surprised by the cost to fix hail damage to a car because it is much less expensive than the price tag that goes along with replacing the entire windshield. If you have smaller repairs to do before you take your car back to your insurance provider, you will be able to save even more money on your next repair.

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