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Does auto insurance cover damage that is caused by hail?

Auto insurance will generally cover damage caused by hail as long as you have full coverage under your policy. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from damage caused by events other than a collision. Hail damage would be one of them.

Complete coverage is optional, except as needed when renting your car or applying for a car loan. Some owners of older vehicles do not purchase coverage to save money on premiums. Whatever the reason, if you have not purchased comprehensive coverage, you will not be reimbursed for damage caused by hail.

We fully acknowledge any insurance company

Our company fully acknowledges any auto insurance company, and we’re happy to work with them. All claims are welcome, and one of our goals is to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


How much does hail damage devalue a car?

If you have active comprehensive insurance coverage on your car, the repair cost for the hail damage is immediately covered.

When you use our paintless dent repair/removal services, the dents on your vehicle will be fixed directly.

If you sell a car after it’s been repaired, the price will not be affected by the hail damage.

But, if you decide not to repair your vehicle, its value will be depreciated per dent. Estimated dent repair costs will range from $75-$225 per dent. 

If you have hail damage, act immediately!

If your car is currently caught in a hailstorm, you must act immediately and call your auto insurance provider right away.

Also, to make sure everything’s recorded, take clear pictures of the hailstones next to an item that can easily indicate the size of hailstones, such as a ruler. These pictures will help confirm the size of the hailstones that caused damage to your vehicle. Also, take photos of the parts of your car that were damaged.

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So, if your car gets caught in the middle of a hailstorm and gets damaged, call us immediately, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

We’re located here in Fort Worth, Texas! If you’re anywhere near the area and want to avail of our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by giving us a call!

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