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In the wake of the spring and summer hail storms, vehicles often endure cosmetic damages that can harm resale value and mar the appearance. Beyond the face value of your car or vehicle, hailstones can not only dent your car or vehicle but can also damage the car’s paint job. If not repaired, the paint will eventually start to flake off, leaving your car susceptible to rust.

Our company offers careful evaluation of your vehicle to provide you with the best options for repairing hail damage. Depending on the level of the damage, our technicians will recommend which repair to provide your car with.

The damage assessment process is a critical step, as choosing the wrong course of action or not including hidden damage in the estimate can cause delays and extra costs.

Repair Plan

Our damage assessment is important for determining the type of damage and establishing the best course of action.

We always try to provide our customers with options, and you will see a detailed repair plan before any work commences.

What to Do Before Calling a Hail Damage Repair Technician

In a major or even moderate hail storm, the likelihood of hail damage is relatively high. A good rule of thumb is always to seek a second opinion. Even if you don’t see any lumps, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Listed below are our top 3 suggestions that you should do before calling a professional team of paintless dent repair technicians.

Check for Damages

Once the storm has passed, take a look. Scan each panel slowly. The best way to see hail damage with the naked eye is to level up. Position yourself so that your eyes rest directly on the surface of the panels. Relax your eyes and slowly scan the panel from one end to the other. This technique works best on horizontal surfaces like the hood, trunk, and roof. When you see one, your eyes will begin to adjust to the method. This process is critical so that you’ll be able to describe the condition of your vehicle to the hail damage repair technicians.

Take Photos of the Hail Damage

If hail damage is evident, take out your cell phone and take pictures. Take photos of each panel. When you do this, you are not only documenting the damage but also timing the event. That way, if your insurance company decides to question the validity of the storm date, you have proof. These images are also helpful if your paintless auto body repairman or insurance adjuster has questions about the extent of your damage.

Insurance Adjuster Assessment Appointment

In the event of a hail storm in Fort Worth, it is always advisable to file a hail claim, always! Don’t worry about hail claims boosting your insurance because it won’t. Hail is something that we cannot avoid, and comprehensive insurance policies recognize it. After filing your hail claim, you will be assigned a claims adjuster to assess the damage. This expert will contact you to make an appointment to see your vehicle. They will go to the location of your choice for inspection.

These evaluations last between 15 and 30 minutes. You may or may not receive a report before it comes out. In most cases, you will receive the report along with the repair cost document in the mail.

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